Welcome!  I’m Zoe Hewitt, an award-winning freelance reporter who also moderates live events.  It’s nice to meet you! 

I love writing and sometimes my words win awards – feel free to check out which ones here.

Wondering about up to the minute entertainment news?  I had the exclusive that Stephanie Beatriz (Mirabel in “Encanto”) was in labor while she recorded “Waiting on a Miracle” — other outlets picked it up and it became a trending topic on Twitter.  The story that started it all is here.

Zoe Hewitt at Galaxy's Edge for a Variety article

Love my awesome orange vest and hard hat!  This photo is from an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit to Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge six weeks ahead of its opening; I wrote an article for Variety about the design process.  You may read this or any of my other more recent Variety stories here.  Curious which stories are my favorite?  Just ask!

For more about me, you’re welcome to click over to my bio, peruse my resume and look at some photos and videos of me hard at work.  You can also send me a note and/or be sure to keep in touch on social.  I look forward to chatting soon! 


Zoe Hewitt